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At Segway Group we are serious about helping municipalities reach their provincial waste diversion goals. We have the proven track record of success and a team of environmental specialists ready to help create a green plan for your community.

Segway is proud to work with the family business of Try Recycling as an integral environmental partner for communities across the province.

DID YOU KNOW THAT drywall from a demolition site, or shingles from a residential or commercial building, can be recycled? The impact of recycling construction and demolition materials are instantaneous. Thousands of cubic tons of space can be saved from the landfills. Municipalities like London, Ontario saw an immediate impact on their city when these items were diverted from their landfill. Materials that had previously been sent to the city landfill could now be recycled.

Talk to a Segway Group Environmental Associate to help create, implement, and achieve a green plan for you and your municipality.

Quick Facts – Recycling

  • 400 trips to the curb with your household Blue Box equal roughly the same commercial waste to build just one house; make sure your contractor recycles, not just trucks to landfills.
  • Construction and Demolition material can be recycled; ensure your materials get recycled, not sent to landfill.
  • Recycled drywall can make kitty litter or help balance the pH levels in agriculture fields and farms.
  • Recycling large construction items extends the life of our landfills. Why send to landfill that which can be used again?
  • Municipalities across Ontario need to address their own environmental solutions. Construction and demolition recycling is proven to work in helping them meet their “green” initiatives.